PGF Greenway History

Where Your Greenway Has Been: From the Beginning


  • The City of Pocatello and Bannock County procured a U.S. National Park Service Grant to create a concept plan for the Portneuf Greenway.


  • The Portneuf Greenway Foundation became incorporated as a non-profit foundation and began strategizing on ways to implement an ambitious concept plan, which was approved by Pocatello’s City Council.


  • City Creek signage installed

  • River cleanups begin

  • Cory Lamb donated an acre on Bannock Highway


  • With support from local Rotary clubs, the Greenway held the first annual River Fest and Duck Race raffle to raise the funds needed to complete the proposed Portneuf Greenway Trail system.


  • The PGF received $300,000 for Indian Hills to Taysom Rotary Park.

  • Work begins on Taysom Rotary Park (parking area, tree planting, trail to levy)


  • Simplot purchases the Swanson Reach (later becomes the Simplot/Swanson Reach)

  • Fish and Game begins work on the Edson Fichter Nature Area

  • Sarah Bandes Garden was constructed


  • Construction began on the Downtown Reach

  • At Trapper's Park, Doug Warnok's water feature and dry stream invites the public to play.

  • The Great Green bridge at Pre-History Park is installed.

  • The Edson Fichter Footbridge is installed.

  • Grading begins on Simplot/Swanson Reach


  • Idaho Power gives PGF the Powerhouse

  • Work begins on Pre-History Park


  • The AMI Reach was completed.

    • The 4,000 feet of trail were laid down with support from AMIs, the IFFT Foundation, the Kirkham family, and proceeds from the River Fest Duck Race. Two-thirds of the trail is paved.

  • Phase one of Pre-History Park completed

  • ISU improves the Powerhouse Garage


  • Poem stones installed at Pre-History Park

  • AMI trail completed-trailhead dedicated

  • Indian Hills Trail constructed and paved

  • Delapidated house demolished – future Bistline Corner

  • Downtown bike lanes signs and striping installed

  • Kirkham land donation for AMI trail and Kirkham trailhead


  • Gittens Loop completed

  • Paving of Rainey Park to Taysom Rotary Park using ISTEA funds

  • Paving of North Main to Sacajawea Park using ISTEA funds

  • East Bench/Satterfield loop signed

  • Fairgrounds all-abilities trail design approved by Bannock County


  • North Main Green Bridge installed

  • Pre-History cutoff trail completed

  • Thanks to the Rotary clubs, Taysom Rotary Park Completed

  • Groundbreaking for landscaping/art on Bistline Corner


  • Spaulding Overlook constructed

  • Mike Bunch Boat Launch constructed at Edson Fichter

  • Red Hill construction begins


  • Spaulding Spillway landscaping improvements

  • Spaulding Overlook landscaping completed

  • Riverside connector completed

  • Initial Red Hill Trail completed


  • The Maag Shady-side Trail was completed

    • This trail winds through Ross Park along 5th Avenue. It passes the climbing wall that hosts the Pocatello Pump each year. It is a vital part of the city cross country meet for the high schools each year. This is a very well landscaped portion as it runs through a city park. Many of our other trails have a little more wild aspect as they are along the levee which is not watered. This trail was made possible by generous donations by Greg & Kathy Maag, and the City of Pocatello.

  • City Creek Trailhead improved

    • Entrance widened, turnaround created, fencing, gravel, xeric grasses planted.

  • Bistline Partnership corner landscaping completed


  • Red Hill trail extended to Idaho State University

    • This section of trail was completed with generous support from Simplot, ISU, and Jim Mulick Memorial

  • Bistline Corner artwork installed and dedicated

  • Work begins on enlarging the Taysom Rotary Park amphitheater

  • $500 was received from ITD for trail from Taysom Rotary Park to Tech Farm Road

    • It was given back when land issues forced the trail to be classified a no-build


  • Melton Mountainview Trail completed and paved

  • Red Hill cutoff trails completed

  • Brennan Trail completed phase one

  • Taysom Rotary Park enlargements completed

  • Bridge connecting Brennan and Sacajawea Trails installed


  • The Red Hill Trail went from a very rough cut trail to a fully paved 1.2 mile stretch

    • As you walk on this trail you will see many ISU students and faculty using the trail. It is a popular trail for the Century Cross Country Team as well.

  • Taysom trail was also funded and built

    • This trail connected two vital pieces, the Maag Shady-Side Trail with the AMI/Kirkham trail. This was also the fastest section to be built. Just 5 days from lush green grass to fully paved half mile of trail. Thanks to funding by Wayne Taysom


  • We got a call from Jim Rogers to let us know he was ready for the Greenway to come across his land and along the river

    • With some nice donations of money by Mr. Rogers as well as some in kind donations from ACON construction, the trail was graded and graveled in preparation for paving the following year.


  • Permission for the long-awaited Abraszewski Trail was obtained

    • The city of Pocatello had purchased some land across from the Great Western Malting Plant and given us permission to put the trail in along the river. A ground breaking ceremony was held with Mayor Roger Chase to commemorate this exciting event. When Paul Abraszewski passed away his widow, Lee, had raised $45,000 for this trail. We had originally planned to put it along the levee top but were unable to do so. We graded and graveled that summer. This trail includes seat made from a tree trunk right in the middle of the trail.

  • The United Way, Home Depot and the Greenway partnered together to build the Born Learning Trail.

    • This is an activity trail just for kids located in the Sacajawea Park area. This trail features 10 interactive activities for kids and parents to have fun learning and getting exercise at the same time.

  • The Hobo Sculpture at the Pacific Steel and Recycling Trail Head

    • This sculpture was designed and built by Margo & Dennis Proksa. A grant was obtained from the Bistline Foundation and the Centennial Rotary Club held fundraisers and donated the rest of the funds. The Hobo theme was chosen to honor the many hoboes who passed through Pocatello. The Trail head was a popular spot for camping during those years.


  • Beverly Trail on Jim Roger’s ranch was paved

  • Abraszewski Trail was paved

  • 1.25 miles added to the total length of paved trails

    • Thanks to a generous donation by the Portneuf Healthcare Foundation, 2011 was a banner year for the Greenway foundation


  • Plans were made to construct the Simplot/Swanson Reach on the north end of the system

  • When the Abraszewski trail was finished, it seemed natural to finally finish the Simplot/Swanson Reach as well.

    • This trail was graded again, graveled, and paved.

  • The remainder of the grant from the Portneuf Healthcare Foundation helped to fund this 1 mile stretch