Cheyenne Avenue, Edson Fichter, and Beverly Trails


This section of existing trail extends from the City of Pocatello Pump Station to Cheyenne Avenue. Its north end will likely be affected by the future construction of the South Valley Connector.


Edson Fichter:

This section of Trail extends from Cheyenne Avenue to the Edson Fichter Nature area where it connects to an existing bridge over the Portneuf River and provides access to an Idaho Fish and Game fishing pond and a fishing dock on the Portneuf River. This segment of trail connects to the Beverly Reach of the Greenway which continues Southwest along the west bank of the Portneuf River.


Beverly Trail:

This section of trail extends along the west side of the river from the Idaho Fish and Game Fishing Dock behind the Rogers Ranch to the Golf Course. The trail travels south along the river to a foot bridge over Jonny Creek. There is a bench for resting and the trail accesses an area of the Portneuf River used by some as a swimming hole. The trail ends at the Country Club boundary where it will connect to a segment that will connect to Old Ranch Road.


Cheyenne Avenue Trailhead: 42°49’33”N 112°24’28”W

Edson Fichter Trailhead: 42°49’19”N 112°24’22”W

Beverly Trailhead: 42°49’9”N 112°24’0”W