Pacific Recycling, Millward Mile, Sacajawea, and Brennan Trails

Pacific Recycling:

This segment extends from the end of the Abrazewski Trail at Kraft Road south to the Millward Mile Trail and the Pacific Recycling Trail Head. Agreements with the owners of this property will need to be secured and right of way purchased.


Millward Mile:

The Millward Mile extends from the Pacific Recycling Trailhead across the Portneuf River and along the North Main Extension until it reaches Kraft Road. After Crossing Kraft Road the trail continues southwest until it diverges from the alignment of the North Main Extension. After leaving the North Main Extension, the trail passes through a wooded area until it reaches Sacajawea Park. In the long term, a tunnel below Kraft Road is planned to remove the only at grade street crossing.



The Sacajawea Reach is located on the West side of the river and includes connected north and south loops within Sacajawea Park. The remainder of the reach consists of a trail that leaves the park and travels along Riverside Road to the beginning of an existing concrete sidewalk.



This portion of the Brennan Trail starts at Sacajawea Park and crosses the Portneuf River via an existing bridge. Sections of trail extend north and south along the east side of the river. The north extension will eventually extend 0.3 miles north from the end of the existing Brennan Trail near the intersection of Boone and Aurthur to the Portnuef River crossing at the North Main Extension.


Pacific Recycling Trailhead: 42°53’12”N 112°28’37”W

Millward Mile Trailhead: 42°53’12”N 112°28’37”W

Sacajawea Trailhead: 42°52’34”N 112°28’20”W

Brennan Trailhead: 42°52’25”N 112°28’7”