Pioneer Park, City Creek, Centennial Park, and Hirning Trails

Pioneer Park:

This section of the Old Town corridor consists of existing trail that connects Pre-History Park to Ifft Trapper's Park and Pioneer Park. These parks include sculptures, plazas and mature landscaping.


City Creek:

This existing section of trail begins at Pre-history Park, crosses the river and continues to Grant Street.


Centennial Park:

This Section of trail connects to a section of trail that crosses the river via an existing bridge. This section of proposed trail would run along Grant Street to access parking for the Class II City Creek trail system and Centennial Park. A description of the City Creek Trail system can be found at:


Hirning Trails:

This existing segment of trail begins at Haliday Street and extends upstream along the east side of the river across to Taysom Rotary Park. It is named after the Hirning Family in recognition of their strong, long term and ongoing support of the Portneuf Greenway.


Pioneer Park Trailhead: 42°51’33”N 112°26’53”W

City Creek Trailhead: 42°51’9”N 112°27’60”W

Centennial Park Trailhead: 42°51’13”N 112°26’45”W

Hirning Trailhead: 42°51’3”N 112°26’15”W