Red Hill, Melton Mountainview, Maag- Shadyside, and Taysom Trails

Red Hill:

The Red Hill Trail begins at ISU and connects to the Melton-Mountainview Trail. It will also connect to a future section of the Eastside Corridor along Barton Road. The Red Hill Trail was completed in 2008. The north end of the trail starts across from the ISU Student Union Building and rises along the base of Red Hill where it overlooks Davis Field and ISU Maintenance Facilities. From there it continues south between the edge of the Mountain View Cemetery and the bottom of Red Hill. As the south end of the trail is approached at Barton Road, the Red Hill Trail connects with the Melton Mountain View Trail. The Trail ends at Barton Road near the Bannock County Humane Society. There is a trailhead parking area at the south end near the Humane Society and Parking can be found on the ISU campus when classes are not in session.


Melton Mountainview:

The Melton Mountainview Trail extends from the north end of the Maag Shadyside Trail at the intersection of 4th Street and Barton Road to the Red Hill Trail near the Bannock County Humane Society Building on Barton Road. The trail crosses 4th and 5th Streets where pedestrian activated warning signals have been installed. After crossing Fourth and Fifth Streets, the trail continues east just inside the grounds of the Mountainview Cemetery where a number of shade trees have been planted. The trail turns to the northeast and continues until it reaches the Red Hill Trail which connects to the Red Hill Trailhead to the south and to the campus of Idaho State University to the north.



The Maag-Shadyside Trail begins on the north side of the Avenue of the Chiefs where it travels along the base of a basalt cliff which is known as the "Shady Side" by local climbing enthusiasts because it is east facing and is shaded most of the day. The trail serves several climbing areas and provides access to an Idaho Veteran's Memorial and a Frisbee Golf course. The north end of the trail connects to the Melton Mountain View Trail at the intersection of South 4th and Barton Road.



The Taysom Trail is a short but important link between the AMI/Kirkham Trailhead in Upper Ross Park to the Maag Shady Side Trail in Lower Ross Park. The Taysom Trail drops from Upper Ross Park along a series of switchbacks before it paralells South 5th Street to a crossing of the Avenue of the Chiefs. There is the potential to construct a short spur of trail that would connect Taysom Trail to the south bound bike lane on South 5th Street.


Red Hill Trailhead: 42°51’13”N 112°25’45”W

Melton Mountainview Trailhead: 42°50’53”N 112°25’28”W

Maag Shadyside Trailhead: 42°50’52”N 112°25’27”W

Taysom Trailhead: 42°50’37”N 112°25’4”W