Past Projects

To date, the Greenway has constructed about 10.7 miles of Class I trail with an approximate replacement value of 3.71 million dollars. Projects that have been completed are shown below with links to supporting information.

Beverly Trail

This section of trail extends along the west side of the river from the Idaho Fish and Game Fishing Dock behind the Rogers Ranch to the Golf Course. The trail travels south along the river to a foot bridge over Jonny Creek. There is a bench for resting and the trail accesses an area of the Portneuf River used by some as a swimming hole. The trail ends at the Country Club boundary where it will connect to a segment that will connect to Old Ranch Road.

Length (mi): 0.44


Edson Fichter Nature Area

This section of Trail extends from Cheyenne Avenue to the Edson Fichter Nature area where it connects to an existing bridge over the Portneuf River and provides access to an Idaho Fish and Game fishing pond and a fishing dock on the Portneuf River. This segment of trail connects to the Beverly Reach of the Greenway which continues Southwest along the west bank of the Portneuf River.

Length (mi): 0.43

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City Pump Station to Cheyenne

This section of existing trail extends from the City of Pocatello Pump Station to Cheyenne Avenue. Its north end will likely be affected by the future construction of the South Valley Connector.

Length (mi): 0.4

PDF iconRCH6 City Pump Station to Cheyenne.pdf

Iron Eagle Subdivision

This is a section of existing trail constructed in conjunction with the development of the Iron Eagle Subdivision.

Length (mi): 0.21

PDF iconRCH3 Iron Eagle Subdivision.pdf

Taysom to Bannock Highway

This short spur of existing trail extends from Taysom Rotary Park to Bannock Highway. It includes a donated sculptures that are counted as landscaping.

Length (mi): 0.14

PDF iconRCF1 Taysom to Bannock Highway.pdf

Hirning Trail

This existing segement of trail begins at Haliday Street and extends upstream along the east side of the river across to Taysom Rotary Park.

Length (mi): 0.82

PDF iconRCE4 Hirning.pdf

Prehistory to Grant Street

This existing section of trail begins at Pre-history Park, crosses the river and continues to Grant Street.

Length (mi): 0.12

PDF iconRCE1 Prehistory to Grant.pdf

Brennan Trail

This portion of the Brennan Trail starts at Sacajawea Park and crosses the Portneuf River via an existing bridge. Sections of trail extend north and south along the east side of the river. The north extension will connect near the intersection of Boone and Aurthur when it is constructed. The south extension connects to Day Street.

Length (mi): 0.4

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Sacajawea Reach

The Sacajawea Reach is located on the West side of the river and includes connected north and south loops within Sacajawea Park. The remained of the reach consists of a trail that leaves the park and travels along Riverside Road to the beginning of an existing concrete sidewalk.

Length (mi): 1.45

PDF iconRCC1 Sacagawea.pdf...

Millward Mile

The Millward Mile extends from the Pacific Recycling Trailhead across the Portneuf River and along the North Main Extension until it reaches Kraft Road. After Crossing Kraft Road the trail continues southwest until it diverges from the alignment of the North Main Extension. After leaving the North Main Extension, the trail passes through a wooded area until it reaches Sacajawea Park. In the long term, a tunnel below Kraft Road is planned to remove the only at grade street crossing.

Length (mi): 0.49


Abrazewski Reach

The Abrazewski Reach extends from the Simplot Reach between Hoku Way and the east side of the river to Kraft Road.

Length (mi): 0.32

PDF iconRCA4 Abrazewski.pdf

Simplot Reach

The Simplot reach extends from the railroad tracks on the north end behind the Hoku Plant to the north end of the Abrazewski Reach on the north end of the Great Western Malting Plant.

Length (mi): 0.93

PDF iconRCA3 Simplot.pdf

Old Town Corridor

This section of the Old Town corridor consists of existing trail that connects Pre-History Park to Trapper Ifft Park and Pioneer Park. These parks include sculptures, plazas and mature landscaping.

Length (mi) 0.27

PDF iconOTA1 Prehistory to Whitman.pdf


This section extends from the Kirkham/AMI Trail-head on South 2nd Street to the AMI Trailhead in Upper Ross Park. The trail passes through a collapsed lava tube to a picnic shelter and a series of benches. This section of trail will be impacted by the South Valley Connector that will extend from Bannock Highway to South 5th Street. Plans for the South Valley Connector include a crossing of the AMI/Kirkham Trail and a connection with an off street trail planned for the South Valley Connector.

Length (mi): 1.17


Taysom-Maag Shady Side

The Taysom Trail is a short but important link between the AMI/Kirkham Trailhead in Upper Ross Park to the Maag Shady Side Trail in Lower Ross Park. The Taysom Trail drops from Upper Ross Park along a series of switchbacks before it paralells South 5th Street to a crossing of the Avenue of the Chiefs. There is the potential to construct a short spur of trail that would connect Taysom Trail to the south bound bike lane on South 5th Street. The Maag-Shadyside Trail begins on the north side of the Avenue of the Chiefs where it travels along the base of a basalt cliff which is known as the "...

I15 to Terry Street

The ISU Campus Trial extends east under I15 using an existing on Street bike lane to just past Alvin Ricken Road where the street width decreases and the bike lane is dropped. This bike lane provides access to bike lanes on Hospital Way and Alvin Ricken Drive. It will connect to a planned trail along I-15 that will connect to the Hospital.

Length (mi): 0.7

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Melton Mountainview

The Melton Mountainview Trail extends from the north end of the Maag Shadyside Trail at the intersection of 4th Street and Barton Road to the Red Hill Trail near the Bannock County Humane Society Building on Barton Road. The trail crosses 4th and 5th Streets where pedestrian activated warning signals have been installed. Acter crossing Fourth and Fifth Streets, the trail continues east just inside the grounds of the Mountainview Cemetery where a number of shade trees have been planted. The trail turns to the northeast and continues until it reaches the Red Hill Trail which connects to the...

Red Hill

The Red Hill Trail begins at ISU and connects to the Melton-Mountainview Trail. It will also connect to a future section of the Eastside Corridor along Barton Road. The Red Hill Trail was completed in 2008. The north end of the trail starts across from the ISU Student Union Building and rises along the base of Red Hill where it overlooks Davis Field and ISU Maintenance Facilities. From there it continues south between the edge of the Mountain View Cemetary and the bottom of Red Hill. As the south end of the trail is approached at Barton Road, the Red Hill Trail connects with the Melton...

Olympus to Satterfield

This section runs along the right of way for the planned extension of Chubbuck Road from Olympus Road to where it intersects with Satterfield. It will provide access to the Portnuef Healthcare Wellness complex and provide a safe off street facility for pedestrians and cyclists in the Highlands Neighborhood. The estimated cost of this one mile long section of trail is estimated at $151,200 and construction is planned in 2014.


I-15 to Fairgrounds

This section of trail runs along the right of way for Chubbuck Road from the bridge structure over northbound I-15 to the intersection of Chubbuck and Fairgrounds Roads. It will improve access to the Portneuf Healthcare Foundation Wellness Complex between Fairgrounds Road and Olympus Drive. This project is funded by a Blue Cross High Five grant and construction will occur in the summer of 2014.

CCA2 I15 to Fairgrounds.pdf


Concrete Sidewalk

This 0.10 mile long section of trail extends from the end of a 10 foot wide asphalt sidewalk along Riverside Drive near Hawthorne Avenue to Carson Street at the north end of Raymond Park. The segment is currently served by a six foot wide concrete sidewalk which would need to be widened to 10 feet to create a class I trail. Some of the sidewalk is severely cracked and it would need to be replaced. There are also short bottle neck areas at the north and south end of the segment where widening is not feasible. Improvement of this section would better connect Raymond Park to Sacagawea Park...

Raymond Park

This 0.25 mile section of trail would extend the Greenway along the Portneuf River channel through Raymond Park. Removal of the concrete flood control channel has been the subject of an engineering study (Channel Removal Alternative Analysis.pdf) which determined a cost to remove the channel approaching 3 million dollars. Removal of the concrete channel will require significant...

Pacific Recycling

This 0.51 mile long section of trail is on the River Corridor and it extends from the end of the Abrazewski Trail at Kraft Road south to the Millward Mile Trail and the Pacific Recycling Trail Head. It is one of the top two priorities of the Greenway Foundation because its completion would close a gap and complete almost four miles of continuous trail from Old Town north towards Simplot. This segment has an estimated cost of $103,500 and construction would start as soon as access rights can be obtained.


Chubbuck Road to Lois Lane

This section of the Greenway will extend from the Olympus to Satterfield trail segment at Chubbuck Road and extend south towards Lois Lane east of the existing residential development in the Highlands Neighborhood. The exact location of the trail will be determined by plans for residential development. Coordination with the landowner is on-going and construction of this $111,800 trail in 2015 is desired.

ESA1 Chubbuck Rd to Lois Ln.pdf...

Simplot Swanson Reach

Simplot Swanson Reach is graded again and paved. Thanks to funding form the Portneuf Healthcare Foundation.