Master Plan

In 1992, the National Park Service funded the Portneuf Greenway Implementation Plan which was the first plan to guide the development of the Portneuf Greenway Trail System. The implementation Plan envisioned a series of multi-use trails along the Portneuf River connecting riverfront parks, Idaho State University and Old Town Pocatello. The National Park Service Study was followed up in 2008 with a Portneuf Greenway Master Plan that expanded the vision of the trail system from one that focuses just on the Portneuf River corridor to one that considers the entire valley. The Master Plan identified seven multi-use corridors for development. The complete Portneuf Greenway Master Plan can be found at:

The Master Plan also identified the need for the Portneuf Greenway Foundation to develop a Capital Investment Plan (CIP). The CIP takes the next step in the planning process by subdividing the Greenway corridors into reasonable projects and detailing the steps necessary to construct those projects. A total of 76 project segments were identified and detailed descriptions are included in the plan. To date, the Greenway has constructed about 10.7 miles greenway trail with an approximate replacement value of 3.71 million dollars. The CIP identified six short term priorities that they feel have a high probability of construction within the next two years. These projects are: the Pacific Recycling segment, the Concrete Sidewalk north of Raymond Park segment, the Raymond Park Segment, the I-15 to Fairgrounds segment, the Olympus to Satterfield segment and the Chubbuck Road to Lois Lane segment. Completion of the Pacific Recycling, Concrete Sidewalk and Raymond Park segments will provide a complete, continuous Greenway from Simplot on the North end of the City to Irving Middle School in Old Town. Completion of the I-15 to Fairgrounds, the Olympus to Satterfield and the Chubbuck Road to Lois Lane projects will establish Greenway in a neighborhood that is not currently served and will provide access to the new Wellness Complex planned by the Portneuf Healthcare Foundation. The Greenway Board also identified a tentative list of priority projects for years three through five of the CIP. The projects listed likely exceed the budget that will be available and projects may be added or removed from this list based on available funding and access.

Greenway Plans