Your Greenway Trails

Simplot-Swanson and Abraszewski

Simplot Swanson: The Simplot reach extends from the north end of the Abrazewski Reach on the north end of the Great Western Malting Plant on Kraft Road to the railroad tracks behind the Hoku Plant. Construction of a trail below the railroad tracks would allow this trail segment to continue north towards the Simplot Plant. Construction of a trail below the railroad bridge will be difficult.   Abrazewski: The Abrazewski Reach extends along the eastside of the river from the intersection of Kraft Road and Hoku Way. It was constructed using donations made in memory of Dr. Abrezewski who practiced... Full Trail Description →

Pacific Recycling, Millward Mile, Sacajawea, and Brennan Trails

Pacific Recycling: This segment extends from the end of the Abrazewski Trail at Kraft Road south to the Millward Mile Trail and the Pacific Recycling Trail Head. Agreements with the owners of this property will need to be secured and right of way purchased.   Millward Mile: The Millward Mile extends from the Pacific Recycling Trailhead across the Portneuf River and along the North Main Extension until it reaches Kraft Road. After Crossing Kraft Road the trail continues southwest until it diverges from the alignment of the North Main Extension. After leaving the North Main Extension, the trail... Full Trail Description →

Pioneer Park, City Creek, Centennial Park, and Hirning Trails

Pioneer Park: This section of the Old Town corridor consists of existing trail that connects Pre-History Park to Ifft Trapper's Park and Pioneer Park. These parks include sculptures, plazas and mature landscaping.   City Creek: This existing section of trail begins at Pre-history Park, crosses the river and continues to Grant Street.   Centennial Park: This Section of trail connects to a section of trail that crosses the river via an existing bridge. This section of proposed trail would run along Grant Street to access parking for the Class II City... Full Trail Description →

Cheyenne Avenue, Edson Fichter, and Beverly Trails

Cheyenne: This section of existing trail extends from the City of Pocatello Pump Station to Cheyenne Avenue. Its north end will likely be affected by the future construction of the South Valley Connector.   Edson Fichter: This section of Trail extends from Cheyenne Avenue to the Edson Fichter Nature area where it connects to an existing bridge over the Portneuf River and provides access to an Idaho Fish and Game fishing pond and a fishing dock on the Portneuf River. This segment of trail connects to the Beverly Reach of the Greenway which continues Southwest along the west bank of the... Full Trail Description →

Red Hill, Melton Mountainview, Maag- Shadyside, and Taysom Trails

Red Hill: The Red Hill Trail begins at ISU and connects to the Melton-Mountainview Trail. It will also connect to a future section of the Eastside Corridor along Barton Road. The Red Hill Trail was completed in 2008. The north end of the trail starts across from the ISU Student Union Building and rises along the base of Red Hill where it overlooks Davis Field and ISU Maintenance Facilities. From there it continues south between the edge of the Mountain View Cemetery and the bottom of Red Hill. As the south end of the trail is approached at Barton Road, the Red Hill Trail connects with the... Full Trail Description →

AMI/Kirkham Trail

AMI/Kirkham Trail: This section extneds from the Kirkham/AMI Trailhead on South 2nd Street to the AMI Trailhead in Upper Ross Park. The trail passes through a collapsed lava tube to a picnic shelter and a series of benches. This section of trail passes below the new South Valley Connector that extends from Bannock Highway to South 5th Street. The AMI/Kirkham Trail connects with off street trail planned that is part of the South Valley Connector.   AMI/Kirkham Trailhead: 42°49’40”N 112°24’30”W       Full Trail Description →