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Portneuf Greenway Foundation announces extension of Brennan Trail

POCATELLO — The Board of Directors for the Portneuf Greenway Foundation is pleased to announce that construction for the extension of the Brennan Trail along the Portneuf River will begin Sept. 6.

The Brennan Trail forms a tee on the east side of the Portneuf River and this project will extend the trail almost one-half mile to the north where it will intersect with the North Main Extension. Extension of this trail is the first step towards creating a loop that will connect with the trails in Sacagawea Park. The next step will be crossing the Portneuf River with a pedestrian bridge which is scheduled for construction in 2026.

Both of these projects will complement the pedestrian improvements that are planned as part of the City of Pocatello’s project to reconstruct the intersection of Kraft Road and the North Main Extension through the Department of Transportation’s Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity, or RAISE, Grant Program.

In the immediate term, the extension of the Brennan Trail will improve non-motorized connectivity along the North Main Extension and provide a safe route for bicycles and pedestrians separated from the high-speed traffic on the street.

Dan Harelson, board president for the Portneuf Greenway Foundation says, “I am glad to be part of this project and to move it one step closer to completion. We could not do it without the support of the City of Pocatello, the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation and our many other supporters in the community.”

About half of the funding for the project comes from a Recreational Trails grant from the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation while the remainder comes from the Ifft Foundation and private funds raised by the Greenway Foundation.

Construction of the Brennan Extension will begin Sept. 6 and will be completed Sept. 8. Significant traffic disruptions are not expected but there may be very short-term closures of the right lane on the North Main Extension in the Southbound direction.

The mission of the Portneuf Greenway Foundation is to create a network of bicycle and pedestrian trails throughout the greater Pocatello Chubbuck area to enhance the quality of life for residents of the area by establishing and improving the Portneuf Greenway as a community resource.