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Trail Planning

In 1992, the National Park Service funded the Portneuf Greenway Implementation Plan which was the first plan to guide the development of the Portneuf Greenway Trail System. The implementation Plan envisioned a series of multi-use trails along the Portneuf River connecting riverfront parks, Idaho State University and Old Town Pocatello. The National Park Service Study was followed up in 2008 with a Portneuf Greenway Master Plan that expanded the vision of the trail system from one that focuses just on the Portneuf River corridor to one that considers the entire valley. The Master Plan identifies seven multi-use corridors for development. These corridors include the River, Chubbuck Road, East Side, Hiline Canal, ISU, Old Town and Pocatello Creek Corridors shown in this picture from the 2008 Masterplan. A link to the complete copy of the 2008 Masterplan can be found below.

Significant construction has occurred since the 2008 Masterplan was developed and the plan is being revised in conjunction with the update to the 2018 Bicycle Pedestrian Plan for Pocatello and Chubbuck. The Greenway is working closely with the Bannock Transportation Planning Organization to update the Greenway Masterplan so that the facilities the Greenway develops will better serve the transportation needs of the valley and so that they will integrate better with the other bicycle and pedestrian facilities throughout the community. Working with the Bannock Transportation Planning Organization on the Masterplan update will allow the Greenway to provide enhanced opportunities for public involvement and continue a very productive partnership with Bannock Transportation Planning and the Cities of Pocatello and Chubbuck. For more information of the Bicycle Pedestrian Plan update click here.

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